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ProDec Advance 9" x 1.75" Short Pile Microfibre Roller

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Product Description

Microfibre is the most versatile paint roller fabric due mainly to its softness, which gives it a light touch so it leaves very low roller texture in the paint film. Unlike other fabrics, microfibre absorbs the paint inside the fibres, so it loads more smoothly and releases the paint more evenly throughout the stroke, requiring less working out. The short pile rollers are the most versatile of all, being suitable for interior water- and solvent-based emulsion paints on smooth and semi-smooth surfaces such as plaster, drywall and ceilings as well as gloss, satin, woodstains and varnishes on wide, flat areas of wood and metal.

  • Absorbent microfibre fabric with superb paint loading and ultra-smooth, even release
  • Excellent finish and no 'orange peel' or roller texture with gloss and satin paints
  • 6mm short pile ideal for emulsions, gloss and satin, as well as woodstains and varnishes
  • Suitable for smooth surfaces

  • Rollers: 9"