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ProDec Advance 1" Ice Fusion Paint Brush

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Product Description

Get the ultimate smooth finish effortlessly with Ice Fusion, featuring ProDec's unique 100% synthetic Shard Filaments that deliver ultra-smooth paint loading and release for a professional stroke every time. Ideal for water-based paints including emulsions, gloss and satin, Ice Fusion also features Form Recovery Technology: filaments that remember their shape, giving razor sharp straight lines and keeping their shape after washing, making a top quality trade finish easier to achieve than ever before. The seamless, rust-resistant, stainless steel ferrule means there's nowhere for paint or wash water to collect, eliminating watery streaks the next time you use it, and the handle is FSC certified wood sourced from responsibly managed forests.

  • Ideal for water-based paints including emulsions, gloss and satin, as well as woodstains and varnishes
  • Get the ultimate finish effortlessly with ProDec's unique synthetic Shard Filaments for ultra-smooth paint release
  • Form Recovery Technology gives ultra-sharp straight lines and maintains the brush's shape after washing
  • Seamless ferrule prevents paint or water collecting inside the brush and giving watery streaks on next use
  • Unvarnished handle made using FSC certified wood sourced from sustainable forests

  • Brushes: 1"